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BCS Connector for SharePoint

In 2010 I started designing and developing the BCS Connector for SharePoint. The application is a component of the ERPConnect Services product suite and allows you to connect SharePoint lists with SAP objects or tables – completely without programming knowledge.

The BCS Connector generates and publishes SAP data as external content types in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 and automatically creates external SharePoint lists. The user selects the SAP object to use, tables or function modules, as well as the data columns the list will display. The One-Click deployment makes creating external SharePoint list really simple.

SharePoint lists created by BCS Connector may be readable or writeable. CRUD methods are supported.

The screenshots below show how to create a new data model including the creation of an external SharePoint list using the BCS Connector application.

A college at Theobald Software created very nice videos about the BCS Connector in action:
BCS Connector - Getting started
BCS Connector - Developing a Read/Write Solution

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