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How To Implement MergedDictionaries For ResourceDictionary In Silverlight 2

I wrote a new article about MergedDictionaries for ResourceDictionary in Silverlight 2 on This article describes how to implement the MergedDictionaries feature for resource dictionaries in Silverlight. Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) resources support the very handy merged resource dictionary feature. Unfortunately, the Silverlight 2 resources do not support this feature. The feature provides a way to define and split resources into separate files.

This feature is also very helpful for developing custom controls in Silverlight 2. Right now, all default style keys must be described in Themes/Generic.xaml. This file can be large, and merged resource dictionaries are a great solution to split the style definitions into manageable pieces.

Link to CodeProject: How to Implement MergedDictionaries for the ResourceDictionary in Silverlight 2