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How To Design WCF Services For SharePoint 2013 Without Writing Code Using ECS Web Service Designer

Theobald Software just released the ECS Web Service Designer for SharePoint 2010/2013 and ECS Core. The designer is part of the product suite ERPConnect Services, a suite which allow you the complete range of data integration between SharePoint and your SAP system.

The ECS Web Service Designer is a fantastic way to visually design and deploy no-code SOAP or OData web services for SharePoint. Each service operation can be designed using a workflow designer (see screenshots). The designer provides a couple of base, flow and SAP-related activities the user can choose from to build it's operation logic.

The base and flow group of activities consist of the following:

  • Check Condition Activity (IfElse)
  • Switch Cases Activity
  • For Each Activity
  • Do While Activity
  • Custom Code Activity
  • Assign Value Activity
  • Add Item (to collection) Activity

The SAP-related group of activities consist of the following:

  • Execute Table Activity (reads data from a SAP table)
  • Execute Function (execute a SAP BAPI function module)
A key feature of the ECS Web Service Designer is the option to use C# expressions for field/property mappings.

Other feature highlights are:

  • One-Click and direct solution deployment on SharePoint servers
  • One-Click SharePoint solution generation
  • One-Click Visual Studio exporting (the visually designed web service can be exported as VS solution)
For more information about this brand new product, see Theobald Software product site.