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Mindbak - Online Mind Mapping

In 2010 I got the chance to develop a prototype of an online mind mapping tool in Silverlight. It’s only a test and proof-of-concept project and somewhat buggy, but basic functions are working. The project definitely shows the power of Silverlight 3 applications.

You can edit the maps by using the keyboard and mouse, move topics with drag and drop or select topics with the arrow keys. The TAB, INS, ENTER keys are creating subtopics, the DEL key delets subtopcis, similar to the behavior of Mind Manager. The rubberband selection allows the selection of multiple topics at once (see screenshots below).

Certainly one of the most challenging development step was to grow and shrink the designer surface (canvas) and adjusting scrolling while dragging a topic around with the mouse. Another interessting part was to handle and showing the red elements while dragging those topics. The layout engine is also a big part of the application. So overall this was a very interesting project and playground to learn a lot.

This project never gone public and it's not maintained anymore.

Test drive: